New Client:
We are proud to announce B & E Welding and Abrasive Cutting has tasked Creative Software Designs with the design of their new website.

Look for their new web site in our gallery sometime in May.


We specialize in the science of powerful communication

No longer does the PC interact with only one user via a keyboard and a floppy disk. Today, the PC can transfer information across the office or across the world with just the click of a mouse. Whether you need to create a news letter or want to be the next dot com success story, call Creative Software Designs.

Today, the buzz is "e-commerce" and Creative Software Designs can not only develop a custom website for your specific needs, we have the resources to host your site as well.

Why not let Creative Software Designs be your on-ramp to the information super highway.

Networks can be as simple as connecting two PCs with a cable that's similar to phone wire in your house. More demanding clients may require a central server, multiple client PCs, file and printer sharing, automated file backups, and uninterrupted power supplies.

Either way Creative Software Designs knows networks.

Maybe the Internet isn't a buzz for you. In your business all you want is to merge your customer list with a form letter for a mass mailing. With Microsoft Office Suite, it is easy and Creative Software Designs can show you how.

Whether it's how do you create a Microsoft Word template or how do you build an ActiveX control in Visual Basic for use on a website, Creative Software Designs can help you to move faster up the learning curve.

Creative Software Designs will build a custom database solution using either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. The choice of which would depend upon the quantity of data and number of users who require access to the database.

We don't consider ourselves experts by any means. What we do know is if we can do a job better than you, it's because we have done it wrong more times than you have.

Experience is the best teacher, let Creative Software Designs be your experience.

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